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42 Pcs Sewing Kit Portable Sewing Box to Travel Emergency Repair SP

42 Pcs Sewing Kit Portable Sewing Box to Travel Emergency Repair SP

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  • Super practical sewing kit

All practical sewing kits you need, including: needles, thread, scissors, buttons, thimble, threading tools, sewing pliers and all sewing tools, all the packages are neatly prepared and ready for use, allowing you to find anything you need in an instant.

  • Perfect Design

This storage bag is made of Oxford cloth, waterproof and wear-resistant. The zipper is smooth, the workmanship is meticulous, the inner elastic band is designed, and the needles are sealed separately. This sewing kit adopts a compact design, which can be convenient for you to carry the style anytime and anywhere, avoiding embarrassment anytime and anywhere.

  • Widely used

These compact sewing kits are ready to use and can be used for quick, emergency repair or daily sewing. You can repair lost buttons, torn seams, etc. It is very suitable for professional tailors, sewing beginners, travelers, dormitory students, etc.

  • Useful gift

Sewing kits for Christmas stocking stuffers, regulars, performance artists, mothers, grandmothers, backpackers, gifts for girls, gifts for brides and grooms, mistresses, gifts for almost everyone are amazing gifts! This kit is suitable for both men and women. It is definitely a product that people like to use, and your help will be appreciated.

  • Enjoy the fun of hand sewing

Use your hands to fix the pet's favorite clothes or children's plush toys. You may fall in love with the feeling of DIY. The beautiful handmade is made by you.


Product color: black

Product weight: 100 g/0.2 lb

Outer box packing: 42 sets/piece

Size: 12*12.5*2.5 cm/4.7*4.9*1.0 inch

Products include

14 x color coil

1 x measuring tape

1 x metal thimble

1 x seam ripper

2 x Pearlescent needle

3 x white buckle

1 x black handle scissors

1 x metal pin

2 x metal wire guide

1 x Dial (16 pieces)

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